Zhejiang Jinchang Special Paper Co., Ltd
Characteristics of RC and Silver Salt Photo Base Paper

150- 200GSM, according to customers requirements, can produce other different GSM

Paper has good uniformity, fine paper surface, good surface strength, high smoothness), good stiffness

The paper has high whiteness and stable L A B value. Paper is not easy to yellowing because of its good sun resistance.

Paper has good water resistance and wet strength, good smoothness, stable size, no infiltration, no lotus leaf edge phenomenon in high temperature and high humidity environment.


RC photo base paper is divided into JP general series and JZ high-end series, JZ series has better stiffness, good yellowing resistance, high whiteness and anti-aging.

Silver salt photo paper is dust-free, good smoothness, the two sides of the difference is very close, fine paper surface and anti - static