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Mechanism Rice Paper

30g/㎡—95g/ GSM:30-95

Specification340mm*690mm    450mm*680mm   340mm*1380mm    680mm*500mm   680mm*1380mm   


1、Rice Paper is used for fine brushwork and calligraphy culture paper with good water absorption. In calligraphy, the ink left on Rice Paper will penetrate beyond the handwriting, showing a sense of vitality, reflecting a sense of hierarchy.

2、Rice paper can be mounted , good tensile strength and breakage resistance

3Strong moistening, distinct layers, smooth but not slippery, white and dense, rubbing non-destructive

4The physical properties of paper are tough and moist.

5The plant fibers are produced on special paper machine (bamboo net) instead of traditional handmade paper making, but it still has the characteristics of handmade paper.