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Ink bag paper


Color: White, nature

The printing industry is faced with increasing pressure of environmental protection, especially the ink canned in ink industry, which causes a large amount of solid waste. At the same time, the problem of large amount of ink residual in tin cans causes serious waste. Because of the high cost and secondary pollution, Jinchang Company independently developed high strength ink bag paper. It is a product developed with the requirements of the market and environmental protection of the printing industry.There is no residue after ink extrusion, and paper bags can be recycled


1、Ink bag paper is composed of two layers and has a barrier air layer (zero permeability), shading layer.Avoid ink oxidation.

2、The inner layer of ink bag paper has a smooth surface of oil-thinning layer. The defect of residual ink in the tin can was eliminated, and the waste was greatly reduced and the resources were saved.

3、Paper has good tensile strength and tearing strength, good bursting strength, good water resistance of paper outer layer, good water resistance . Paper is not easy damaged and causes losses.